Energy Healing Sessions tend to follow the same pattern, however they unfold uniquely to meet the needs of each individual.  Energy often becomes stuck within the body from injuries, traumas, and life events and patterns.  This held and unprocessed energy often manifests itself with disease.  Actual diseases in the body, injuries, trapped and repressed emotions, negative patterns of behaviour and addictions.  The only way to move forward is to work through them.  Often we are taught to suppress or stifle events, or to just move on, however the only way to moving on is by moving through it.

Energy Coaching + Healing Session.


In a session I tap into Universal Energy, use the elements and my intuition to help facilitate you through your own healing.  I “scan” your body with my hands held about 4 inches above your body.  When I sense either something physical, emotional or within your energetic field, I hold my hands in this position and help navigate you through the shift in energy where it may be stuck.  As things come to me in messages or sensation or feelings I will dialogue with you about what I find.  My experience and belief is that there is weight in words, and therefore I believe it’s important to voice an awareness to help accelerate the flow of energy and therefore healing.  

We finish the session by clearing and working through and clearing each of the 7 main Chakras, possibly some sound healing, tarot card pulling, or grounding meditations.

Depending on what unfolds during our time together, I will prescribe some “homework” for you to partake in over the next few weeks.  Some examples may include; journaling, reframing certain words or phrases, meditation, working with specific crystals.  Each person is unique, and therefore the outcome will be unique to each individual and each session.

During the session it is normal to feel any of the following:

  • Intense emotions

  • heaviness/lightness

  • warmth/cold

  • electrical impulses

  • tingling

  • all or none of the above

    INVESTMENT- $100 to be paid at time of service (cash, debit or credit). Pre-pay $90 by EMT and save yourself 10%.

*Located in my in-home studio in St. Albert ranging in length from 75 to 90 minutes. Contact directly for evening & weekend availability. Please note a $50 invoice will be issued for cancellations with less than 24 h0urs notice.


Energy Healing Session for Littles.

Children receive the same benefits as adults from these energy sessions! As a mother and teacher, I see the rise of the anxious child.  This is a tool to help children let go of stuck energies within their bodies as well.  Parents stay right beside as I help your little one navigate and process some of their stuck energies.

INVESTMENT- $50 for children 12 and under, $75 for teens to be paid at time of service (cash, debit or credit).

*Located in my in-home studio in St. Albert ranging in length from 30 to 40 minutes.  Contact directly for evening & weekend availability.


Energy Healing Session for Pets

Our furry family members can also benefit from healing from physical pains and emotional pains they may be experiencing.

*In-home sessions in the St. Albert, Edmonton and surrounding area range in length from 20 to 30 minutes for dogs and cats $40-$60 to be pre-paid by EMT. Please contact for availability.

INVESTMENT-Horses are treated at your barn/stable. $120/hr or 5 sessions for $500.

*Mileage may be added for acreages outside of the city limits. Contact directly for evening & weekend availability.


Energy Healing Session from a Distance

Energy is not limited to working directly together. Receive the benefits of a distance session followed by an audio recording of what was processed and continued dialogue.

How it works...

Just before the agreed upon time I ask that you take some time to relax prior to the session.  This may include having a bath, laying down, or going into a meditation.  Whatever feels right to you; free of distractions, electronics, or cell phones.  I will connect with your energy at the agreed upon time.  You may feel a little more "electric" or like your body is humming, some warmth or tingling or more calm and relaxed. While I journey to and for you I will receive messages in different ways.  These may appear as physical sensations in my body, visions, or emotions.  Once I disconnect I will immediately record what unfolds for me during your session, and send that recording to you via email.  Often the distance sessions come with many metaphorical meanings to decipher through and we follow with continued dialogue to help you process and understand the healing more fully.

INVESTMENT- $80 due prior to the scheduled time via EMT.