Soul Sense is passionate about working with others to cultivate an authentic and deeply connected life.


Energy Healing Sessions

Energy often becomes stuck within the body from injuries, traumas, and life events and patterns. This held and unprocessed energy often manifests itself with disease - actual diseases in the body, injuries, trapped and repressed emotions, negative patterns of behaviour and addictions.  The only way move forward is to work through them.  Learn more about Soul Sense's Energy Healing Sessions and how they can help you. 



Sometimes the thought of walking into a public yoga class at a yoga studio can feel intimidating. Come join me for a private yoga class designed for those wanting to understand the alignment and meaning of postures, helping to give a solid foundation for your own yoga practice. 



Workshop opportunities allow a chance for me to collaborate with other groups and individuals to make meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing more accessible to the community.  See events page and follow along on social media to get updates on upcoming workshops.



Surprise your loved one with the unique and personalized gift of an Energy Healing Session or bundle of sessions.