A true warrior shines from within.


Through meditation, mindfulness, and energy healing sessions, we learn how to be present, and deal with both our struggles and joys in an authentic manner, with focused clarity and energy.

Hello and welcome to Soul Sense. Located in St. Albert, Alberta and serving the greater Edmonton area, Soul Sense is here to help others navigate through life with a greater sense of self.  

As a teacher, student, energy coah + healer, reiki master, yoga teacher, crystal healer, life coach, and meditation & mindfulness teacher, I work as your guide.  Using all of these modalities, I lead you through the work either in a group setting or one-on-one to journey to help you have your strongest sense of your soul.

Soul Sense is passionate about working with others to cultivate an authentic and deeply connected life.


"True belonging doesn’t require

you to change who you are;

it requires you to be who you are." 

Brene Brown